Q:About Bonus
We provide Lucky Player Rewards for 7 days and 60% Bonus money for First Deposit.
You can check your bonus in your wallet.

Q:How To Withdraw
Click Wallet .
Fill KYC Documents.
Verify Mobile and Email and  Documents Details.
You can withdraw after all KYC verified.
The minimum once withdrawal amount is ₹50.
The maximum once withdrawal amount is ₹10000.
There are 3 times withdraw per day.

Q:How To Deposit
Click Add Cash.
Enter Amount.
Choose payment gateways.
Confirm your payment process in webpage and wait a moment your balance added.

Q:Withdraw Amount and tax
There are 3 times withdraw per day.
There will be 10-30% TDS in each withdraw transaction if withdrawal is more than deposit amount.

Q:How To Play
Press settings and press HOW TO PLAY Game.
Hope you get it. Enjoy playing Rummy.
Play for free match in PRACTICE games to learn more details in rummy game.

Q:Why No deposit/withdraw
There is newbie protection time for new players.
You can recharge/withdraw only after have played more than 6 games.
Please play or practice more games to active recharge/withdraw functions.

Q:Payment Not working
We provide Paytm/Cashfree/UPI payment gateways.
Please try other payments when anyone is not working well.

Q:Transaction failed
It will be credited back to your account within 3 to 5 days.

Please check mobile networks and try it again a little latter.
Or try another mobile number.

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